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Wedding Playlist

Great DJs will never be replaced by an automated list because the best wedding playlist is one that is dynamic and changes with the mood of the audience and event.

Our DJs use your request lists, your guest’s requests, current music charts, and experience to program the perfect line up of tunes. We need to take into account the various ages and backgrounds of the people in attendance and the patterns of the different demographics.

As experienced DJs we can’t predict the future and that is why we never work with pre-made music lists.

If you are still determined to replace a Live DJ with a wedding playlist, keep these points in mind when designing your music set:

  • Start your list with music for the older half of your guests
  • Insert a few party favourites early on to keep your younger audience interested
  • Your audience is diverse so make sure to switch music genres every three or four songs
  • Don’t forget to insert ballads and slower songs for the couples
  • Choose music that will move your guests, not just music that is great to listen to
  • Avoid breaks and gaps between songs, continuity is very important

We urge you to choose a Live DJ over a pre-made wedding playlist. Our Starter Package comes with a DJ, high quality sound system, and all the set up and take down labour for less than what it costs to rent the proper equipment.

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