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Wedding Planning

  When it comes to planning your wedding, you can save a lot of time and money plus get a much better outcome if you choose a professional event planner. Event planners can get you better prices and from better quality vendors and know about the pit-falls to look out for when planning the details. Contact Stephanie at Blissfully Dynamic Events to arrange a no obligation meeting and discover for yourself how a professional event planner can make your wedding unforgettable.

  Wether you’re the most organized person you know, or you’re scrambling at the last minute, turning to your vendors for some basic advice can be beneficial.  Remember, you’re getting married once, but we do weddings every week, all year round.  Many of our DJs have performed at over a THOUSAND weddings!  So if you’re unsure if the wedding processional song is going to be long enough, or if you should do your bouquet toss before your first dance, always feel welcome to call us.  But if you want the basics of how most weddings break down, here is one example of what a wedding timeline should look like.

1: Wedding prep.  Getting ready is half the battle and half the fun.  Go to bed early, and wake with plenty of time to get your group together for hair and make-up.  Be accessible for your photographer and allow extra time for those special photos, or make sure that your wedding party takes plenty of pictures.  Delegate someone to manage bouquets and boutineers, as well as last minute ceremony decorating.

2: Ceremony Processional. While many people send flower girls down the aisle before the wedding party, it can be intimidating for younger flower girls and ring bearers to traverse the overwhelming aisle on their own.  Send your bridesmaids ahead to show how it’s done, and have a relative standing by in case hand holding is required at the last minute.  Pick a song that allows time for your entire party to make it to the altar and test it at rehearsals.  Seperate music can be used for your bridal party if the aisle is a long walk or you have a large wedding party.

3: Signing of the Registry and More.  Find a long song!  Many couples don’t realize how many photos are taken at this important part of your wedding ceremony.  Each witness will be individually catalogued, followed by many shots of the bride and groom, then group pictures before returning for the final announcements.  If you’re in love with a two and a half minute song, pick a back up song to play if you run over.  Classical music or an instrumental version of your first choice can often be a lovely continuation of the moment.  If you are doing a sand, candle, or memory box ceremony (to name a few), advise your DJ ahead of time if you would like music or not during these times. 

4: Ceremony Recessional.  You did it!  Make some noise, dance, and celebrate your way back down the aisle.  If you have a sense of humor, let it show with your music choice.  Return in the reverse order in which you arrived, bride and groom first, bridal party, and flower girls are optional.

5: Wedding photos.  Hope for great weather, plan for the worst.  Gardens make wonderful backdrops until the rain begins, so make the best of your situation.  If all else fails and your venue has no indoor or covered alternative, have some fun before the wedding decorating some umbrellas.  Rainy photos can still be phenomenal photos as long as everyone is still having a good time.  While you’re away, delegate someone to do final touch ups at the reception venue. 

6: Wedding Entrance.  Put your MC to work coordinating with your DJ before the wedding party is ready to enter your reception venue.  We need a minute to make sure that your MC knows the best techniques for using the specific type of microphone they will be using for the rest of the evening and that we know exactly how they will be introducing the wedding party.  Pick an upbeat song to get the crowd clapping and out of their chairs.  Once you arrive, let your MC work their magic and enjoy the night.  Don’t sweat the little things, nobody else knows that there was supposed to be three candles on each table instead of two unless you let the world know.  Have fun!

7: Dinner.  Are you having somebody say grace before dinner?  Trivia games can be fun in large groups with a talented MC, unfortunately too many games can leave guests frustrated and bored.  There’s nothing wrong with letting people mingle before and after meals.  

8: Games. If you do want to do something different and entertaining keep it short and humorous.  The shoe game is an excellent example of wedding game ettiquette.  Twenty questions and people are having a wonderful laugh.  Forty questions and your guests will be checking their watches and checking out.  

9: Speeches.  The same rule applies, keep it meaningful but don’t let anybody go on forever.  Make it clear to your speakers that there is a five minute time limit ahead of time so that they can prepare.  The usual order of speakers as introduced by the MC are: Father of the Bride, Mother of the Groom, Best Man, Maid of Honor, any others, Bride and Groom.

10: Cake Cutting.  Are you going to have a romantic and elegant cake cutting or a face smeared with icing moment?  Pick appropriate music to set the desired mood.  Get your MC to point out your wedding photographer so that your guests don’t interfere with these important shots.  After the cake is sent for slicing (or your cupcakes are open for eating), this is your time to touch up your make up, hair, and wedding dress before your first dance.  Take five and make sure you’re ready to take center stage.

11: First Dances.  See our sections on First Dance Wedding Songs and Father Daughter Wedding songs for advice.

12: Bouquet and Garter.  Waiting until your guests have spent a little time on the dance floor (and at the bar) before throwing the bouquet can guarantee a more entertaining scrum.  Advise your DJ how late your photographer is scheduled to stay so that we can plan appropriately.

Alternative Timelines: If you don’t feel comfortable showing leg for a garter toss, just skip it, it’s not mandatory!  Don’t have a lot of single ladies for a bouquet toss?  Give the flowers away as a show of respect to a grandmother or the longest married couple in the room.  Have relatives with a lot to say?  Speeches can begin during dinner after everybody has been served at least once, just be prepared to talk over the noise of catering staff and clinking cutlery.  Once the first dances begin, avoid any interruptions to keep your dance floor pumped up all night long.  But most importantly, NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS, smile and have a great time.

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