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Wedding Invitations

Before all of the pomp and circumstance of your dream wedding day, your wedding invitations will be a teaser of the style and atmosphere that you plan to have.  Whether designing from scratch or purchasing from a supplier, make sure that you have your overall vision in place so that your wedding invitations match your wedding!

Creating your own wedding invitations and RSVPs

Hit the craft store for scrapbooking supplies, you’ll find many stencils and decorations that work fantastic for decorating your invites, along with all types of decorative paper stock.  Are you handy with photo editing software?  You can save a lot of time by designing something that’s smashing simply in print.  Many print shops offer custom cutting and ink is much cheaper in bulk, so don’t be shy about hitting your local Xerox or Staples to have your invites printed cut and trimmed, saving you hours of work and a paycheck worth of ink.

“I’m pretty handy with Photoshop so I designed my own invites with an engagement photo and some textures from my wedding website.  My local Staples printed and cut all of my invites for less than $40.00.”

- DJ Dawn

Wording is important!  It is traditional to include the parents of the bride on the wedding invitations, as well as details on the ceremony and reception locations and times, appropriate dress, and RSVP details.  One example of this may be:

John and Jane Smith

request the pleasure of your company

at the marriage of their daughter

Jill to Mr. Joe Bob

at the church on the corner

the (date) of (year)

and afterwards at the hall down the road

RSVP by (date)

Of course there are many situations where alternate wording is preferred or required, and there are many examples of wedding invitation wording available.  Whatever wording you do use, take this opportunity to show a touch of your personalities in the design and tone of your wedding invitations.  Write a little poem, show your funny side, be creative!

Purchasing wedding invitation kits

Many stationary and craft stores carry ‘easy do-it-yourself’ wedding invitation kits that include perforated paper, software, decals, and basic instructions.  The main issue with these kits is that you are often spending a considerable amount of money to create more than a dozen invitations, and there’s nobody to assist you with the process should something go awry.  You may have the software to design amazing invites to go on these precut pages now, but will your printer chew up half of your stock?  Avoid these kits if you are less than tech savvy!

Purchasing wedding invitations online

Don’t get sticker shock after finding what seems to be the perfect supplier online!  Many Canadian brides who are unfamiliar with online shopping can be unpleasantly surprised by hidden fees such as shipping and duty.  Research your online providers and make sure that all costs are listed up front.  There are many online invitation printing solutions that provide templates that you can easily modify, some of which even include other services such as wedding websites with invitations to match.

Hiring a wedding invitation service

There are many wonderful and local designers that can work with you one on one to make sure you get a truly unique and stunning wedding invitation.  Bridal trade shows are a great way to survey potential designers, or use a referral service such as to check the reputation of anyone you’re considering hiring. 

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