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Wedding FAQ

Why should I hire BCDJ.CA?

Unlike most of the competition we use high quality commercial sound systems from BOSE™ and QSC™. We train our DJs through the BCDJ mentorship program and provide them with hands on experience at public events before we even qualify them to train for a wedding event.

Do you have insurance?

Anything Audio Inc. the company that operates the service is covered by $2,000,000 liability insurance plus Work Safe BC for all events. We are also members of the Preferred Wedding Network, who independently verifies we operate a professional and licensed wedding business.

Do you charge for the time it takes to set up and remove equipment?

There is no additional charge. It's all included in your quoted price.

Can we visit our DJ of interest at a performance?

Yes, provided the DJ is performing at a public event.

What do you require to secure a DJ for the date of our event?

$200 non-refundable deposit and a signed contract.

Will you act as our Emcee?

All of the BCDJ team members are capable of hosting your event. We like to keep our microphone time limited to introductions and announcements. If you require more involvement, for an additional charge, we offer a personalized interview and planning session with your DJ so they can plan games and write personalized speeches.

Will you play participation dances like the YMCA, Bird Dance, Macarena?

If you would like this type of music played we can certainly accommodate you however our BCDJ's have plenty of experience and know how to get the crowd going without having to resort to this type of music. You can also specify that even if your guests request this style of music we will not play it.

Can we meet with you before the event?

Yes. Our DJ manager Chris is more than happy to meet with you. Based on your personality and needs he will be able to suggest the BCDJ that will fit your event perfectly.

How involved can we be in music selection?

After booking with us you will receive information about how to login to your personal event planner. There you will be able to create three request lists; Our Favourites, Try and fit them in,  and Do Not Play. You can also create an event time line and customize every aspect of your BCDJ experience. Check out our online request form for before the event.

When do you arrive for set up?

We arrive approximately one hour prior to performance time to begin set up. There will be an additional charge if you require an earlier set up.

Do you offer any additional services (FunCam, Photo Booth, Bands)?

Not us, but we know someone who can help. We keep our focus on being the best DJs and karaoke hosts in the business. Contact our office 778-574-1744 and we will be able to point you in the right direction. 

How much does additional time on a package cost?

You can add as much time as you like to any package at $100 per additional hour. If you would like additional time at your event the cost is $140 per additional hour.

We have a projector, can we use your speakers for sound?

Yes we can accommodate a sound input from a computer or tablet. Because we don't know your equipment or the distance away you will be required to provide your own wiring. If you prefer an all in one solution we can provide you with the projector, screen, and sound as an addition to your package. 

Do you take requests at the event?

Only if you say you want us to take guest requests. Every audience is different and we love to know what moves them so we normally encourage you to allow your guests to make requests. Check out our online request form for before the event.

If you don't have a song, can you download it?

With over 50,000 songs on hand, and regular updates based on local and global charts, it is very rare that we won't have a request.  Want something a bit different?  Just add it to your request list before your event and we will get our hands on it in advance to guarantee the best sound quality.  Once we arrive on site we will not be plugging in any cell phones or using Youtube (no matter how much cousin Billy asks).

I have a guitar player for our ceremony, can he plug in to your system?

Yes. Anything is possible. This will require co-ordination between us and the musician. There may be an additional charge for equipment if needed.

I really don't want to hear (insert song here)!

Not only do we have a Must Play request list available to you, we also have a Do Not Play request list!  We will keep your party pumped while avoiding any songs that bring bad mojo.

When does the DJ take a break?

When the event is finished. We don't take breaks! You will have music from begining to end.

Is it customary to tip the DJ?

It's up to you. A tip is something that someone gives for good service, whether it is for a restaurant, taxi, or wedding reception. If you feel that good service was given then feel free to tip that person, if you don't feel that good service was given, then don't. The tips our DJ's have received in the past normally range from $40 to $150.

Why should I hire a DJ when I can just use my iPod and rent a sound system?

An experienced DJ will be able to read your crowd and react to their musical tastes.  While you may load an iPod up with a lot of songs you may like, think about your guests.  

The most talked about receptions are where the guests are having a fun time and the dance floor is busy.  You’ve heard the term “silence is golden”, well not when it comes to DJ’ing.  An absolute dance floor killer is to have silence between songs. You want your music to flow from song to song, not starting and stopping.

Our music library spans from the 1920’s through to the current chart toppers.  We also have exclusive versions and mixes not available anywhere else. Our core library has the music that will cater to most everyone on your guest list.

Should I reserve a space for the DJ at a table for dinner?

Providing a meal is up to your discretion. An average 7 hour event becomes an 10 hour day for a DJ with set-up, travel & break down, so sometimes even a vendor meal is appropriate as it is less expensive than the guests meal. Normally the caterer will provide the DJ meal at no additional cost. 

What is your booking process?

We will lead you through the details step by step, we make it really easy. Our online system of organization will actually help you plan your event. You can see a complete outline of our ‘Booking Process’ here.

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