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Wedding Decorations

From colour and concept to the final touches, here are some fundamental do’s and don’ts to help make your wedding ideas a reality.

Wedding Centerpieces

This subject alone has inspired blogs and pinterest entries galore!  Feeling a little overwhelmed?  Take a step back and consider a few key elements of your wedding decor.  

First off, how large are your tables?  If you have a tightly packed venue, adding a four foot tall ostrich feather monstrosity to the middle of your table is only going to add to the feeling of being stuffed into a sardine can, so keep it simple and keep it short so that people can comfortably converse across the table.  If you have a large table with people who may not know each other well and may prefer something else to look at or comment on, then by all means go for the twig and LED light show in a vase, and stuff some candles in there too!  

Secondly, how complex is your table setting?  Are your guests going to be contending with a water glass, wine glass, and beer bottle on top of their multiple plates and full range of silverware?  Keep your place settings in mind when considering how much room you have to place a centerpiece.  

Thirdly, fire is fun but don’t ever expect tea lights to illuminate your reception venue.  When booking a wedding venue, check the lighting situation.  While a golf course will have dimmer switches for everything, an Elk’s hall will have the big on/off for all of their flourescent bulbs, and you’ll be lucky to get more than that.  Plan your candles accordingly!  Those candleabras you see online look phenomenal until their fully lit and you can’t tell because the venue is either too brightly lit, or too dark for them to make a difference.  Larger candles, dimmer lights, or strategic uplighting and/or decorative lighting (such as white Christmas style lights, etc.) can all help to create the perfect atmosphere when all planned together with your centerpieces.

Glitter and gemstones and confetti, oh my!

Adding that extra something can be as easy as a sprinkle of color on a cake table.  But before you pull out that bag of tiny metallic hearts, remember that many venues no longer allow confetti like decorations.  Aside from being nearly impossible for the venue to clean afterwards, confetti can actually be a hazard!  Alternatives include decorative stones which can be found in many different colors and recycled after the wedding reception for vases, fish tanks, and more.  

Fabulous Florals

Find a reputable florist, and trust their judgement!  Once you’ve chosen your wedding colors, a florist will be able to tell you what your best options are for your time of year.  Choosing what type of flowers you like the most will then make choosing arrangements that much easier.  Clip out pictures of arrangements you really like and bring them to your planning sessions with your florist so that they can create pieces that exceed your expectations.

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