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Bachelorette Party Ideas

One of the main responsibilities of the MOH is to plan the last fling before the ring. Here are some great ideas on a cash-strapped bridesmaid's budget.

1. Creative Themes 

It's tough to be the voice of reason when all you hear are "Vegas! Vegas! Vegas!" chants. If a far-flung locale just isn't feasible or the bride's style is more demure than debauchery, consider affordable themed parties. Consider a winter ski weekend retreat it’s a grown-up version of a girl's-only sleepover, including fun touches like a caramel apple bar, spiked apple cider, printed itinerary and crazy-comfy outfits.

2. Hilarious Photo Ops 

When it comes to bachelorette get-togethers, photos fall into two camps: pretty yet predictable group shots and candids that practically come with their own "no-Facebook sharing" policy. Strike a happy medium with this creative mugshot idea, where you capture the entire group the next morning. How cute is the "Maid of Dishonor?”

3. Customized Invitations 

This corset-inspired invite is one of the most-pinned bachelorette party ideas on Pinterest. 

4. Coordinating Outfits

Arguably, one of the best parts of attending a bachelorette party is getting all dolled up. But after splurging on that BM dress and shower gift, a new outfit might be on the bottom of your priority list. Consider a Little Black Dress brigade, where all the guests wear their fave LBD already hanging in their closet, putting due focus on the bride (who dresses in white or a bold neon shade). 

5. Favors They'll Actually Use

We can't wait to create our own whimsical, DIY caricature wine glasses, inspired by this high-end custom design. There are tons of tutorials out there—all you need is special paint purchased from a craft store and a steady hand. 

6. The Great Outdoors

High-Concept Idea: White-Water Rafting. "Gatherings that involve a thrill ride are growing in popularity," says Darren Hitz of Adventure Bachelorette Parties. "White-water rafting brings the group together, gives them a new experience and has them working as a team to paddle the raft," says Hitz. "It helps them bond, and they'll have tons of stories to share later on." Expect to pay about $75 to $200 per person for a rafting outing.

Affordable Alternative: Camping Trip. If all of you are looking for something outdoorsy that doesn't involve equipment rental and a hotel stay, investigate local campgrounds. For a small fee, you can pitch a tent, build a fire and roast hot dogs and s'mores while you gossip into the night. Plan other camp-themed activities or games you can do together, like a nature scavenger hunt. To keep costs low, have everyone bring something different: food, drinks, camping equipment and a stereo, for example.

7. Creative Outlets

High-Concept Idea: Craft Classes. Up for making your own purses or necklaces? Scout out small local crafts shops, bead stores or design studios. You might be able to reserve a shop for the evening, bring in a caterer and have an instructor walk you through the process. While the gals create the accessory of their choice, they can munch and sip on some special treats—and no one has to clean up! Cost: about $35 to $125 per person.

Affordable Alternative: At-Home Knit-Night. Time to get down to the real knitty-gritty! Have one person collect money and buy wool and needles, and make sure someone else can walk the beginners through the basic steps. "Check books and magazines for fun projects," says Laura Maffeo, author of Girls' Night In (Ryland Peters and Small). "It's great for everyone to take home a memento." One nifty idea: Have your pals work on squares they can piece together for a blanket for you.

8. Culinary Delights

High-Concept Idea: Wine Tour. Many regions of the country have gorgeous wineries: California, New York and Virginia, among others. Reserve nearby hotel rooms, and spend the day traveling from vineyard to vineyard in a shuttle bus. You'll always enjoy the memory of touring the grounds, learning about wine and tasting the varietals. Tours can range from $90 to $250 per person.

Affordable Alternative: Tasting Party. Do your libation tasting right in the comfort of a friend's home—it could be wine, or, if you prefer, scotch, tequila or rum. Have each guest bring a different bottle. Cover each one with a paper lunch bag to disguise it, then write the name of each wine on a piece of paper. Divide the group into teams. As each bottle's name is pulled out of a hat, each team samples the wines and tries to figure out which bottle is which. The team with the most correct guesses wins! (It's really interesting to try to distinguish the pricey stuff from the $5 variety.) Just make sure you have plenty of munchies and safe rides home.

9. Day Of Pampering

High-End Idea: Spa Outing. Book a nice comfy area in a local spa for the entire group. Then splurge on beauty treatments and massages. "Women enjoy gathering with friends and being girlie," says Maffeo. Individual treatments can cost from $40 to $300.

Affordable Alternative: DIY Beauty Party. Some supplies are in order, but who doesn't have nail polish, facial masks or scrubs at home? Maffeo suggests that each guest brings her own robe and flip-flops, so it really feels like a spa. Best food to serve? Wholesome snacks like fruit smoothies and sushi.

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