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Bachelor Party Ideas

Traditionally, a guy’s bachelor party is his one last chance to get out, hit the town and act carefree before the wedding. If you’re the one getting hitched, your bachelor party is a great excuse to get all your buddies together and spend a day doing exactly what you want to do. If, however, your idea of fun isn’t drunken debauchery at a strip club followed by a long night praying to the porcelain god, why are you doing that for your bachelor party? There are plenty of clean bachelor party ideas that will have you and your friends enjoying the day without having to collaborate on cover stories the day after. We’re not saying drinking is a bad thing, but it doesn’t have to take center stage at your get-together. Believe us, your friends will thank you for having a party that’s a departure from the overplayed norm.

Here’s a look at some clean bachelor party ideas:

Adventure outing

Regardless of what the groom enjoys doing in his spare time, there’s probably a clean bachelor party idea out there with his name on it. If he’s an outdoors or adventure buff, there are countless options. An overnight fishing trip, complete with a rented cabin, would be sure to impress. An adventurous day of zip lining, kayaking or ATV riding might also be a good option. The groom will thank you for coming up with a creative day, but he’ll also be thrilled if you stick with proven ideas that work, such as the tried-and-tested activities of paintball, laser tag and go-karting. And these clean bachelor party ideas can be enjoyed year-round, as each is available in an indoor version. Remember to take a camera to document the fun.

Sporting event

If the groom is a baseball fan, get tickets for the game or see about renting a suite if your group is big enough. Golf is another popular choice, but before you think about picking a fancy course, consider a round of golf at an indoor range. Because there’s no walking involved, your group can enjoy the camaraderie without the annoyance of searching for a lost ball — and the food, drinks and big-screen TV will always be within arm’s reach. If alcohol is on the menu, there’s no chance of a golf cart accident. Whatever the case, when planning a clean bachelor party, it’s important that the day be all about the groom.

If you’re the best man who’s wearing the planning hat, leave your ego at the door. Forget about what you really want to do; when it’s your turn to get married, you’ll have that chance. The bachelor party is all about the bachelor, so make sure it reflects his personality and interests. If hitting the local stadium for a sports event is the plan, remember that going the extra mile will really make the day memorable for the groom. You’ll want to make sure he remembers this specific game as the one from his clean bachelor party day. Buy a jersey of the team you’ll be cheering for and get his last name and the wedding’s year embroidered on the back (i.e., Smith ‘08). He’ll be thrilled with the gift and it’ll be a keepsake for the future.

Clean bachelor party ideas aren’t all for the physically minded…

Relaxing retreat

You and the guys probably wouldn’t want to spend a day at the spa, but if a little rest and relaxation is paramount, there are plenty of clean bachelor party ideas in this vein to pursue. If the groom is the sedentary type, consider renting terminals at a video-gaming lounge for a couple hours. Or, if the party’s on a tight budget, set up a video game tournament in your living room, and order pizza. If you’re gaming, pick titles such as Madden NFL and Need For Speed that can be enjoyed by several people. As an added touch, it’s easy to draw up a March Madness-style bracket, pitting partygoers against one another in round-robin gaming action. That extra step will keep the friendly competition and laughs rolling. Hanging out at home can be made even more fun with a poker tournament, especially if there are some serious players in the group. Plan ahead by visiting a custom printing company to get a couple decks of “Smith Bachelor Party 2008” cards made up — they’ll be cherished by the groom for years. Other good ideas are board games such as Risk and sports trivia games.

clean doesn’t mean no fun

Remember, a bachelor party doesn’t have to involve activities that the groom will be ashamed to tell his future wife. If you’re the groom, remember that you want to go into your wedding day with a clear conscience. Keeping secrets from your future wife is a bad practice to begin with, but think about your wedding reception for a moment — that’s when embarrassing stories come out. The last thing you want is a tipsy buddy telling a story about the previous weekend’s debauchery in full detail. You may forgive him, but your future father-in-law may not forgive you.

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