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When using a projector at an event you must consider that the room will not be completely dark and beacuase of this you will need a projector that is significantly more powerful than what is designed for home theatre use.

We offer two different types of projectors; Short Throw and Normal Throw. The Short Throw projector has a special lens that will allow it to be set up less than a meter in front of the screen. The Normal Throw projector needs to be set up 4 to 6 meters from the screen. 

The Short Throw projector allows you to set up a projection screen in places normally too small.

Types: Short Throw & Long Throw Options

Rated Brightness: 3000 lumens or higher

Power Draw: Up to 600 watts

Set up space: Allow for a small table to accommodate for any additional equipment, the space between the projector and the screen, and any space the screen may require

Features: Widescreen 16:9 & Full Screen 4:3 options

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